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  • humidity measurement and buildings inspection
    This method allows for a quick and precise localisation of the places where the humidity rate is dangerously high, as well as for determining the approximate moisture content.
    Measurement of moisture content in the first three centimetres of the material. The measurement is done using a specialist volume meter. This non-invasive method enables quick and precise measurement of the moisture level on the walls.
  • rising damp proofing
    The ElektroAqua GPL-111, through electromagnetic waves of the appropriate shape, intensity and frequency, continually pushes the water out of the foundations, which also blocks the capillary.
    ElektroAqua GPL-111 dries walls and, after drying, prevents the return of rising dampness (salts in the water crystallise, closing the capillaries), creating insulation while replacing it at the same time. In addition, the drying costs are noticeably smaller than traditional methods of rising damp proofing.
  • Specialized microwave equipment
    Aside from being the quickest method of drying walls, microwave drying is clean, effective, and non-invasive.
    It is also the least disruptive method for the occupants of the building, and can optionally sterilise biological elements, such as bacteria, mould, mildew, and woodworm. It is one of the most effective ways for quickly drying a building (walls, floors, ceilings etc.) and mould removal.
  • DPC Therm
    insulation Paint
    Why we recommend Thermal Paint insulation – when applied improves heat distribution, follows by increasing room temperature about 3-5 degrees by maintaining the same heat parameters.
    The heat reflects from the walls keeping the heat circulating and remaining in the room, reducing your energy costs up to 30%.
  • disinfection
    help ozone
    It is one of the most effective methods for removing mould, allergens, and the unwanted odours that linger after pets, fires, flooding, and renovation.
    Using high-performance, professional air ozonators we remove odours and disinfect rooms, air vents and air conditioning both in buildings and vehicles. It is especially recommended for densely populated locations, such as hotels, offices, medical care units, hospitals, schools, kindergartens.
  • Absorption, condensation,
    insulation - MultiQube
    The technology used in high-performance pressure pumps allows for quick and effective drying of insulation layers. 
    Drying with pressure pumps is the least invasive method for drying insulation layers both inside and outside the building. It consists in providing several Ø30 mm vents into which the pipes of pressure pumps are inserted, so that a low pressure can be generated between the insulation layers where water is present.

Dear Customers,
Wet walls are expensive…

It's not just the higher cost of energy consumption. It's not just that the appearance and the value of your property is lowered (damp can cause wall insulation damages, crumbling plaster, salt patches; mould and mildew; cracked, flaking walls; musty odours; frequent repairs and renovation).

It's about the cost to your health. Mould and mildew growing on wet walls can cause persistent allergies and dangerous diseases including cancer.

There are many ways to make the horizontal and vertical wall insulation work again properly, protecting a building against humidity sucked in from the ground through the capillaries. The traditional methods of rising damp proofing services are good, if done properly. Still, they are time-consuming and expensive, they can be damaging to the building (digging, drilling...), and involve the use of various chemicals. Mould removal products works just in-short term and mould always return after few weeks.

Our rising damp proofing services

We offer solutions based on 21st century technology. Extremely effective, ecological and safe methods. The electronic ElektroAqua GPL device eliminates rising damp, along with its negative effects, using the phenomenon of electroosmosis. Electro-osmosis method causes the water to move downwards, resulting in dry walls. At the same time, it improves the microclimate in the home and functions as a damp proofing barrier.

on the market
The cheapest method

The cheapest methods on the market for effectively damp proofing and restoring horizontal and vertical hydroinsulation.

Thanks to microwave technology and the other methods we employ, it is possible to effectively dry building materials (concrete, stone, brick, etc.), to remove mould and to eliminate woodworm. Only microwaves are able to dry beyond just the surface, drying the material entirely by penetrating deeply into it. Microwave technology enabels us work in areas where other methods can't. Or where chemicals can't be used.

Our damp specialists offers surface and in-depth moisture measurement as well as thermal measurement. After the inspection we are able to indicate precisely the places exposed to damp and mould. Our mould removal and damp proofing systems effectively secure these areas from humidity.

If you need damp proofing company to carried out damp prevention process in your home, you can rely on our experience and knowledge. Our damp proofing services cover County Dublin and all Ireland.

With our damp specialists you will get rid of rising dampness, mould, mildew and musty odours forever, quickly and safely. Lower heating bills and maintenance costs will quickly repay the cost of the device, and the comfort of living in a dry home and the boost to your health are free...



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