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Damp Prevention and Control IRELAND

We professionally deal with dehumidification and blocking of groundwater in homes, public buildings, sacral and historic buildings. We run a full service starting with removing the causes of dampness with 100% efficiency and finishing with the removal of the effects and securing the building for the future. We use the most modern technologies (devices) to test the level and cause of dampness of walls, loss of temperature and mold.

For reassurance just check the effects of our work with our customers. The reference list from all over Ireland is ready for you here. We are here to help you - this is our mission, so we focus on professionalism at every stage of our work.
THE HISTORY OF IRELAND is the most important for us - which is why we are the most often selected company to work on historic buildings, churches 
and houses. We take care of the safety of your buildings.
We use the electro-osmosis method - the 21st Century non-invasive method and therefore safe for the walls to dry and secure the precious heritage of architecture.

We need to be sure that our customer's problems with capillary water extraction does not return, so we give 20 years warranty on the efficiency of our equipment. Up to 6 months after the end of the work, we come to you to check the results and make sure all your moisture problems have been resolved.

Want to buy a house, a building and want to be sure what condition it is? 
We are here to make a purchase of any building easier for you. 

Here's what else we can offer you:

- Electro-osmosis: the prevention of rising dampness
- Ventilation System
- Thermal Paint / Mass
- Microwave: drying walls and floors
- Absorption: Removes moisture

- Ozonation: removal of allergies, mold and remaining odours
- Thermal measurements: surface and moisture measurement in depth

Call us - our team will carry out a detailed study of the entire building to help you avoid unpleasant surprises or reduce your purchase price.



Tipperary Technology Park
Thurles, co. Tipperary
  085 275 4566