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wall drying

What is sorption drying:

In this method humidity is drawn out of the walls using dried air. The process is effective when the doors and windows are closed. This method also allows the drying of inner walls when the air humidity in the dried room is below approx. 30%. It is a cyclical process. On contact with the walls, the dry air removes the humidity from them, wet air is dried using an absorbent, heated and then redirected back to the room. Moisture is removed outside the building.

How does it work? - sorption drying

The devices use the effect of absorption: that is the steam from processed (dried) air flows into, and is retained in, the channels of the rotor, so that the air that flows out is dry and heated. At the same time, the moisture is blown out of the room. The devices have very high performance when compared to other methods, such as condensation drying.
Depending on the model, our sorption driers are able to remove 25-45 litres of water a day.

The construction of the sorption driers allows for operation in harsh conditions, e.g. at temperatures below 0°C, as well as in warehouses, cellars, buildings after flooding, and also for removing construction moisture in newly built buildings.

These universal, portable devices remove the undesired moisture at a specified humidity rate which accelerates finishing works and drying rooms after flooding.

Sorption drying advantages:
time independent – drying can be done regardless of the season, as compared to condensation driers they guarantee effective performance in low temperatures,
maintenance-free – sorption technology and the construction of the driers enable them to operate without the need of user's control, collected moisture in the form of steam is blown outside the dried room,
versatile – driers can be used for traditional drying of rooms as well as to accelerate the drying of plaster, refine plaster, subfloors and thanks to hygrostats drying is fully controlled without any side-effects for the quality of surfaces dried.





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