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rising damp proofing

What is electro osmosis?

Electro osmosis damp proofing course is an electrical system preventing buildings from rising dampness. Electro osmosis device is changing electrical potential of the wall, owing to small titanium anodes placed in brickwork and underground. That cause water molecules moves downwards through capillaries in the wall.
Elektroosmoza Kopiowanie

We are available in whole Ireland

Our company is located in Ireland - Tipperary County, but we develop our services in whole Ireland. 

How much it costs

The system is low voltage what mean that’s safe but also economic. The power consumption of the device will be returned many times in the form of lower heating bills. Electro osmosis device is also maintenance free and doesn’t require additional supplies.

The humidity that rises within the structure of a wall causes it to deteriorate and decreases its thermal insulation. Rising damp causes mould and mildew, that are very harmful to human health, to appear on wet walls. The main active force that has an effect on water molecules, causing them to move upwards, is the difference in electrical potential of the wall. The charge at the base of the wall is positive. The upper part of the wall has a negative charge. The water molecules in the capillaries (thin little channels within the structure of the building material) always move towards the negative pole. The electrical potential between the wall base (+) and its upper part (-) depends on the material it is made of, electromagnetic fields within its range, and other factors. It may be as high as 600 mV. This is the main force that causes the movement of water molecules and rising dampness on walls.

How electro osmosis damp course works?

Osmosis device generates electromagnetic waves of the appropriate shape and intensity to cause a diversion of poles. Thanks to electro osmosis the base of the wall is now charged negatively and its upper part is charged positively. Water moves in the opposite direction (downwards), according to the physic laws. The walls dry up. ElektroAqua device continues to work, continuously preventing water from reentering the wall. The electro osmosis device functions as an extremely effective horizontal and vertical damp proofing course.

Before installation of Elektro osmosis device:

The electrical potential between a damp wall and the ground is the main force causing rising damp (water molecules to move upwards). The base of the wall (ground) has a positive charge and its upper part a negative charge. According to electro osmosis laws, water molecules in the capillaries always move from the plus towards the minus as a result of the voltage applied.

After installation of Electro osmosis device:

The GPL uses this phenomenon. It emits electromagnetic waves of the appropriate shape, intensity, and frequency to cause pole diversion. The base of the wall is now negatively charged and its upper part is positively charged. The water in the capillaries now moves towards the ground, according to the laws of physics. The water is directed to the ground so the walls remain dry. After the drying of the building the electro osmosis device continues to operate, preventing the walls from returning of damp.

The Electro osmosis device ensures:

  • dry walls within its range of operation (concrete, stone, brick),
  • protection against the return of damp, after drying,
  • the removal of mould,
  • the removal of musty odours.

Electro osmosis device advantages:

- no digging, no chemicals, no drilling etc. required,
- no need to dig up and repair insulation,
- lowers heating costs,
- has all valid approvals, certificates required by EU building regulations,
- creates a healthy microclimate in the building,
- also functions as a screen, protecting against water veins,
- no control required, the device is entirely self-controlled,
- the device and its principle of operation is patented in the EU.
Damp Prevention and Control is the only company licensed to sell the device in Ireland.

The operating range of Electro osmosis device or devices:

The range of the electro osmosis device depends on the thickness of the walls. The given ranges of the device are approximate, as they depend on the thicknesses and types of walls: the thicker the walls, the lower the range of the ElektroAqua device. It should be assumed that the operating range of the device is between 9 and 18 metres.

Reviews for electro-osmosis method

“...Since the (electro osmosis) treatment 7 months have passed and my basement walls are still dry. Rising damp does not creep up the walls anymore. The treatment has been successful. Many thanks to Damp Prevention & Control…”

David Bosschaert

“...The system works very well, so we are very pleased and happy to recommend the above service…”

Mr & Mrs. Tunney

“I have an old cottage outside Westport, Co Mayo that had a damp problem. I got in contact with DPC to assess the problem. They came and sorted out the problem to my satisfaction. I found them very professional and thorough in their work and have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Sean O'Grady

"I am more than happy to recommend Damp Prevention & Control. Very professional people to deal with ..."

Kevin Cummins

"We wouldn't hesitate to recommend the team – they worked quickly and tidily and professionally ..."

Seamus & Patricia





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