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The AWENTA company launches solution giving Customers new and greater opportunities. SYSTEM + gives you an opportunity to create a complete product, tailored to individual needs. And when such a need is modified, the Customer is not forced to replace the entire product


The KWS100 model – Silent Ø 100-mm-fan body. The fans in the Silent series is very quiet, operating at merely 26 db (A),
and they have very low power consumption at as little as 4.4 W.
This is possible thanks to a new motor and the modern design of the impeller.
The fan also has a fairly robust capacity of 95 m3/h. It is also available in 125-mm diameter as the KWS125 model.



The KWT100 model – Silent Ø 100-mm-fan body. The Turbo-version bodies have an increased capacity of 125 m3/h.
They have motors fitted with ball bearings.
The bodies are also available in 125-mm diameters – the KWT125 model.



The last element in the System+ line is the frame for the panel.
It allows you to arrange the entire ventilated space in the same style without having to install a fan.
In places where mechanical ventilation is needed you will install a fan, but if this is not necessary,
you can fit a ventilation grille with the same appearance, thanks to the base frame and front panel.
The base-frame size is 140 x 140 mm, which is the most-popular size for ventilation grilles in Poland.




If you are an aesthete at heart and you value both functional and beautiful objects, and
if you are looking for something to make an ordinary fan gain a new, unique look, check out System+.
With this solution you can match a decorative front panel to the fan body.
The glass white matt panel is elegant, minimalistic, and can be easily adapted to many interior designs.
The added advantage of this system is its tool-free assembly and disassembly,
facilitating the cleaning of both the panel and the fan.





The fans in the A-MATIC series are fitted with an automatic louvre which opens when the device starts.
When the fan is off, the louvre closes to prevent unwanted airflow.



This group of exhaust ceiling fans comprises 3 series – Orbit, Satego and Astro – which are
based on the idea of a round front panel intended for ceiling mounting.
The first fan in the presented group is the Orbit.




The Loop model is a two-speed fan, designed for continuous operation.
Speed change can be achieved manually or automatically, depending on the configuration.
The speeds are changed manually only on fans which have a terminal block (by means of a wall switch)
or via a timer (the higher speed is turned on with a switch while the speed is reduced automatically after 30 minutes).
Automatic speed change is available on fans fitted with a humidity sensor (H) and motion detector (R).
The fan increases its speed when the humidity level exceeds 70% (H) or after some movement in the room has been detected (R).
The speed is reduced automatically when the humidity level is below 70% (H) or when the last movement
has been detected (R) – in either case the speed reduction occurs 15 minutes after the event.





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