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Is the GPL device safe for human health?

Yes. It is safe both for humans and other living organisms (pets, plants, etc.). It creates a healthy microclimate in the home. It has a positive effect on vital functions within its range of operation. Moreover, it acts as a protective barrier against the negative influence of water veins. It has all relevant EU safety certificates.

How long does it take for walls to dry?

The time required for the walls to dry depends on the rate of humidity, salinity, wall thickness and the material used, and it can take from 2 to 36 months.

Can the field it generates affect a human?

The magnetic field that is generated is so small that the magnetic induction 3 cm (!) from the device housing is below 5.5 µT, whereas the earth's magnetic field in Warsaw is 40µT (Central Institute for Labour Protection, Polish National Research Institute "Testing and Evaluation of ElektroAqua GPL generated electromagnetic field"). The electromagnetic field generated by GPL is several times lower than that of commonly used household equipment.

Does it involve drilling, digging, or chemicals?

No. The device is completely non-invasive. It can be used without manual control, simply and effectively. It can be used all year round and in all conditions. No chemicals are necessary.

Can the device be switched off after drying?

After drying the building the device continues working, which provides horizontal and vertical insulation. It prevents the walls from becoming wet again.

How much does the device cost to run?

The power consumption is quite low (approx. 1.5 W), the running cost is roughly equivalent to the cost of running a doorbell. Savings in energy costs, when compared to houses with high humidity (walls with large damp patches), can be as high as 60%.

Where should the device be installed?

An authorised representative will determine the location, type, and number of devices required, to best suit your needs.

Is the drying process repeated?

No. The device continues working after drying, preventing the return of dampness.

Does this device require any adjustments or maintenance?

No. It is automatic and does not require any adjustments or maintenance. It is advisable to check that both lights are lit (the first indicates power supply and the second whether the device is working properly). The manufacturer's warranty for its proper operation is 20 years.



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