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What is rising damp

Type of damp occurring on external walls due to groundwater soaked through capillaries up the wall. Visible symptoms of the rising damp can be located both on outside and inside of the wall (but only on the ground floor) as salt patches, black mould, wet spots or peeling wallpaper.

What causes rising damp

The most common causes is lack of the damp course, failed damp course or raised ground around the house.

How to treat it

Electro Osmosis generates electromagnetic waves of the appropriate shape and intensity to cause a diversion of poles. The base of the wall is now charged negatively and its upper part is charged positively. Water moves in the opposite direction (downwards), according to the laws of physics. The walls dry up. Electro Osmosis continues to work, continuously preventing water from re-entering the wall. The device functions as an extremely effective horizontal and vertical hydro insulation.
The operating range of Electro osmosis device(s)
The range of the device depends on the thickness of the walls. The given ranges of the device are approximate, as they depend on the thicknesses and types of walls: the thicker the walls, the lower the range of the device. It should be assumed that the operating range of the device is between 9 and 18 metres

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