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moisture measurement

Surface moisture measurement:

This method allows for a quick and precise localisation of the places where the humidity rate is dangerously high, as well as for determining the approximate moisture content. Measurement of moisture content in the first three centimetres of the material. The measurement is done using a specialist volume meter. This non-invasive method enables quick and precise measurement of the moisture level on the walls.

- Price estimation before microwave drying
- Price estimation before absorption drying
- Room drying
- Drying after flooding
- Under floor drying
- Insulation drying


In-depth moisture measurement:

Thanks to this method it is possible to determine the moisture content up to 30 cm into the material. Measurement of moisture content inside the material. The measurement is done using a specialist microwave meter. It is a non-invasive method.

- Room drying
- Drying after flooding
- Under floor drying
- Insulation drying


Infrared thermal hygrometer:

It is a combination of a laser pyrometer and a dewpoint meter within a single device.

The device has three operation modes and different measurement functions - everything is controlled with a single press of a button - this makes the T250 hygrometer a pocket measurement station: 

In IR mode the T250 can be used as a laser pyrometer for measuring surface temperature with measurement point marking. In the upper part of the display the value measured in a given time is shown and in the lower part the maximum, minimum, average value or hold is shown, depending on the selection.

The dewpoint alarm generator is an especially useful function:
DP mode shows the dew point and the surface temperature at the same time. If the wall temperature is lower than the dew point, the T250 notifies of that using a laser signal or sound alarm. The alarm function warns about unacceptable values so the user can take measures to eliminate any damage! The alarm values can be configured as required.





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