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thermal measurements in constructions

The main purpose of the building industry is to separate human or technological processes from the influence of the external environment. The restriction of the flow of heat between the internal environment of a building and the external environment is particularly significant.

For the comfort of the building's user, our climate zone is characterised by the need to maintain a higher temperature indoors than outdoors or vice versa.

The technologies used for decades by the construction industry have not placed particular attention on the insulating properties of materials. Increases in energy prices, rising costs of operating buildings and the desire to protect the environment have forced the development of building materials of better quality, and new technologies for their use. These changes allow significant reduction of heat loss in new buildings as well as in those that were built with older technologies.

Until recently, the subject of evaluation of an erected or renovated facility was verification of the compliance of works performed with the project, quantity survey of the facility or its assessment in terms of aesthetics. The operating properties thereof are revealed after several years of use. After a certain period of use the impact of the building / apartment on the health of its residents can be also revealed, which is rarely associated with place of residence.

Currently, diagnostics of building structures are available using infrared technology. This technology enables the assessment of the quality of the materials used, the accuracy of the design techniques applied, and the assessment of the performance of construction works even in areas that are inaccessible or completely invisible after the completion of the development. Typically, these particular places in each building have a significant share in the operating costs associated with heating or cooling of that place.

The implementation of mandatory certification of energy performance of buildings and premises is required by the member states of the European Union to rationalise the consumption of energy in the residential and services sectors. This obligation will create a new quality in the country, which is the cost of ownership of a real estate, which will be similar to the demand for vehicles with low fuel consumption created by the fuel crisis several years ago.




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